We are unique in our approach to executive search recruitment because we tailor every solution to your needs. We do not have a one size fits all policy. Every candidate that we send to you will have the leadership expertise, skills and business knowledge for the position, and will have been selected for the potential that they will bring to that position. Every client that we approach for one of our candidates, will offer opportunities and progression for that candidate. Our aim is your aim- to get the ‘fit’ right.

Our values

We believe in discretion, excellence and collaboration in all of our business dealings. We are committed to equal rights, diversity and inclusion in everything that we do, and will recruit without bias.


Decades of experience means that we can work together in a discreet way to find solutions to some of the most challenging problems – whether  it is succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, or new opportunities.  In our executive search experience, often positions need to be filled fast and effectively, and we will take the pressures off you with regular updates, whilst keeping any proprietary information totally confidential throughout the process.


We pride ourselves as a boutique executive search service with the flexibility to deal with a number of clients in a number of industries.  We strive to keep a standard of excellence and regularly ask for feedback from both clients and candidates.


The outcome of any collaborative effort is dependent on well -developed personal relationships amongst participants.  In our approach to an executive search brief, strengths and weaknesses need to be understood, both from a human and a business point of view, trust needs to be built, and a common understanding and vision for the project needs to be developed.


We are meticulous and prudent throughout the delicate process of search and selection


We work in a collective and communal manner with you at all stages of the search.


We will be successful in producing the desired result for you whilst maintaining effective time scales.