Through years of research, feedback and collaborative working with both clients and candidates, we have built up our NomDiplume™ process which sets our standards in all of our work in executive search and selection.

Our in house research team use our network of trusted contacts to gain market information, understand due process, and identify candidates or companies who fit the brief.  This has enabled us if necessary in the past to work quite fast in the initial selection, getting back to the client in a matter of days with a shortlist of candidates that they may wish for us to approach.  With NomDiplume™ we probe beyond the traditional CV, investigating what drives the candidate, their ambitions, their likes and dislikes, and both the client and the candidate will get comprehensive feedback in order to get the right ‘fit’.

Our NomDiplume™ method ensures that the brief is adhered to following our values, that feedback is given at all stages, and that we manage expectations throughout the process, from the awkward salary negotiations to dealing with unsuccessful candidates.